KidzLife Videos

Videos to help kids learn about God

Cheer on your team
The Chalk-a-Lot Project
Shine like stars
Kids Camp @home in review
Plan it! Do it!
God plans it & God does it!
Jesus is Lord
Pass With a Buddy
Humility in Philippians
Towers, Armies, & Following Jesus
Game: You'll Be Glad You Asked
Sermon on the Mount
Game time! No Eyes Art
John 9
Good Works Walk
John 5
Togo Missions Reminder
Psalm 54:4
Somebody help the ball!
Jesus Heals a Woman & a Girl
Father's Day Craft
Luke 17 Fun!
Luke 17
Game Time!
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Crazy Crafts with Pastor Steve
Bible Zone
Luke 4
Jesus' Early Miracles
Psalm 24:1
The King Says
The Spirit Wind Game
The Jesus Road
What John Said About Jesus
Happy Mother's Day!
Craft Time!
Romans 10:13
The Wilderness
Psalm 54:4
Sardines Game
Stag Ball
Bible Zone- Jesus' Baptism
Jesus Grew!
Bible Zone, Luke 2:52
Game Time!
Easter Hunt
Game Time! House on the Rock
KidzLife Memorize 1
The Birth of John
Game Time!
The Birth of Jesus
Game Time!